A new, tremendously gore, concept in combat games


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Don’t expect amazing graphics, or great playability. Toribash won’t be providing you with that kind of fun.

This is a new concept in martial arts combat games in which you control the joints in a virtual character to make him carry out impossible moves.

As you combine relaxing and contracting different muscles and joints, the character's limbs respond accordingly by moving whichever way you want them to move.

By combining several moves, you’ll be able to carry out spectacular locks and chokeholds that could end up dismembering your opponent. You can continue making moves as long as you have animation frames left over.

Don’t be shocked if you see your opponent’s head or arms go flying through the air after you carry out a lethal combo.

Not suitable for children, Toribash doesn’t let a single drop of blood go to waste, splashing it all over the screen.

The best part of the game is, without a doubt, the possibility of being able to play online with other players. Each victory will award you with points which you can trade in at the virtual store for new skills and features for your virtual character.
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